The Women’s Wellbeing and Development Foundation (WWD-F) is a non-profit organization that empowers women and children to achieve personal growth and the comprehensive development of their communities. WWD-F supports local and international women-run projects and creates model programs in the areas of education, health, and economic development.


  • We believe in a society based on neo-humanism, a worldview which respects the rights and needs of all forms of life, human as well as non-human.
  • We promote an educational system based on the principles of neo-humanism which fosters in the student a love for all beings and an appreciation for the interdependence of people and place.
  • We promote a holistic approach to health care which is open to both allopathic medicine and traditional healing methods.
  • We encourage a balanced lifestyle which promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  • We advocate for women’s intellectual advancement through study and the eradication of all sorts of complexes and societal discrimination and exploitation.
  • We strive to help women achieve economic self-sufficiency.